The Shepherdthe story behind 

the shepherd
March 10, 2009 was a normal day for walking in the mountains.
As usual, everything was packed, weather and camera checked… and I’m on my way!
Everything was perfect, a sunny winter day as expected, cold but great.
Some hours later the sky started to get darker and darker and some signs of blizzard appeared.
An apocaliptyc scenery took over, and I thought to myself that going back home would be a good idea.
While driving away, I observed some strange forms covered in snow near a shepherd’s cottage.
After approaching for some investigations, I’ve discovered that the still forms were not still at all,
but living sheeps covered in snow, that started to move franticly once I got close enough.
Dogs were barking, it was total chaos.


But then everything was interrupted by this poetic face, Viorel “The Shepherd“.


Viorel, turned out to be exactly what I was looking for: a great subject, with great face expressions,
and features that could have only been the result of a hard working life.


So I had everything I needed. Great weather conditions, natural light that difuses everywhere because of the snow,
just like in a studio with special effects included. All that was left to do, was to take that great shot.


This man turned out to be a gold mine of facial expressions and real life stories.
The time spent with him was very special, but it wasn’t enough. So, I returned the next day for a few more hours.
This proved to be a good decision, and it made me want to have another day of shooting with this interesting man.


The third time I returned was not the same. He was gone, leaving no tracks behind.
All covered in snow, it was like he had vanished into thin air.


Who knows where he may wonder now, where his feet have led him, if he’s alive or not…
But I’m sure that these photos will live on and will carry the energy he has shared with me those days.