The Sensibility of Stones
Redeeming the feminine in the masculine

I’ve always loved mountains. The visual silence of natural forms. I find more peace and humbleness into the arms of nature than any other place. But nature is more than a context in my photography. It’s not a background, it’s one of the main characters, it’s a device that triggers a certain meaning. My photoshoot instinct was looking for esthetic balance between the soft, elastic thus liquid human body and the rigid and statuary metamorphic rocks. Black and white was the right voice for that effect of minimal message and maximal contrast.
I’ve always associated rocks with the masculine nature. Solid, stable, strong. As I understand it now, it was time for a surgery to soften and tame the masculinity of my landscapes. So, here’s the “sensibility”. A two way dialogue between feminine human presence and masculine firmness associated with the stoney surface that gets touched by the soft skin. We can feel the touch, because we can remember it.
The feminine posture takes from the heavy balance of old stones. It all lasts a photo moment, and we end up with a photo-statue that has nothing to do with the ones we’ve seen in museums. No vanity, no convention, no dress to point out the century.
The feminine presence here is timeless, rooted, strong and vulnerable…