The Bird-Cage of Time
…a sonata of silence…

This is not a project about Sirin or Harpies, nor about any avian humanoids from mythology. But once it’s out there, images can embody any idea that is convenient to the eye of the beholder.
It’s the story of a superior creature, originally from a more luminous etheral world, stuck in the human condition, split between two worlds. Curious on one hand, unfamiliar to all this on the other. It’s a metaphor, or not. If it brings back stories from your religion, mythology, SciFi culture or your own inner split. It’s all correct. Enjoy it!
And if you don’t feel a clear voice, it’s because things are not so separate as they seem. You’ll never know for sure who’s talking exactly, who’s the observer. Could be you, or me, or a third party, or the voice of the bird… But hopefully, the blood of the project is the empathy within the monologue, whoever carries it. That’s all it matters. No envy, no hidden interest, no bird-master attitude, nothing mean in between, just a confusion of being stuck within this wooden world, whatever that means to you, to me…

Translated Poem

“You, creature of the sky
Locked down between the planks
Silence is loud in your nest,
As if shaking the mantle of sorrow

Sleep is falling on the beam…
Heavy body dreaming of that familiar light.
I’m watching you on and on like a guardian, keep quiet and listen
Broken wings, why couldn’t I?

Hope slips in smoothly, in disguise.
Wearing the mask of LIGHT.
It touches me softly,
And then it stops…

It’s getting a bit chilly…
I can already feel the cold…or is it hot in here?
I’ve spread my wings wide out…
I’m ready!

You need to die first…
This is what you’ll do…
Don’t look downwards.
Step, no sound, stepping on a rock
Go home…
You’re home.”

Visuals: Moga & Carla M.
Poetry: Moga & Lili Moga
Text: Aura