Kogaion Art is another branch of MOGA‘s creativity.
It started back in 2005 when the main focus was winter photography for the german band Vinterriket.
In 2006 MOGA has decided to expand his horizons venturing into logo design.
Since then, the logo “departement” grew strong until this day and it’s still adding new creations.
From 2006 to these days MOGA has created hundreds of logos for bands/labels/stores, and here you can enjoy a selection of them.


And in 2007 , MOGA combined forces with Lunars, pushing the standards higher.
Here you can see a selection of some of the colaborative work they done for different bands around the world.

T-Shirt Design


Kogaion Art’s identity through time:

From 2018, each creation will be signed as
MOGA or Moga Alexandru.