Moga Alexandru is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer, born in 1981 in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania.
In his childhood, the vast and beautiful landscapes of the country , captured his attention. Later in his adulthood he managed to merge his love for nature and photography and turned it into a profession. He became part of many interesting projects with bands that spread all over the globe, helping them create visual identities , such as logos and vinyl/cd artworks also many other promotional imagery that came with.
With photography , he became really interested in portraits , in capturing the many details of the human face.
His portraits spread from solitary shepherds, that live their life in the mountain areas, to friends and loved ones.
His images come with a promise of surprise, relying on nothing more then just what it is there, no props or any spectacular elements.
His style is defined by simplicty of composition, that renders the naked truth. Whether this is just a quick thought in the eyes of his subjects or an unexpected angle of a street or a field. The focus is on the authenticity of the subject… no scenario, no struggle, no counterfeit emotion is involved.Despite the mandatory invitation to sit still and observe , the tone is neutral and bold in his observation.
The keynote of each image seems to be : observe, sit still, feel, be amazed and leave what is in peace.

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